On my other website I have make pledges to make certain changes. I am following up there in 3 months and here, I will document the challenges etc.

One of my pledges was to learn a new healthy recipe every fortnight. So today I went to buy the ingredients for some oat biscuits I was going to make to snack on when I was hungry in between meals. It failed. As I searched for the ingredients I noticed that the ones the supermarket had were just full of crap. I was getting tired of hunting and gave up.

I need an ethical, healthy supermarket that doesn’t cost the earth. And one that delivers.

I ended up getting starving and instead reached for a very unhealthy interim food so I could just eat something as soon as I got home. Failure on all levels.

So now I must research. I am going to try asking my Facebook friends first and see if I can fish out an expert.

Hello My Happy Space Journey! , I love you.
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