This post finds me a little disgruntled.

My second event was last night and didn’t go as well as the first. I did hope for challenges early on so I could learn, improve and move on. I got my wish. I was grateful for the learning and am looking forward to making all the improvements that will make the future sessions even better. I’ve had a really good start in many ways.

I am disgruntled because the reason I am doing all this is to build a new way of doing business and to pave a new way for wellbeing. I don’t like the way many people are doing business these days. I have just seen a very good example as to why.

Someone on Facebook sent me a friend request. We have 30 mutual friends so I thought perhaps she wanted to make contact or thought we had something in common. I accepted in good faith. I expected a message to follow to indicate why the request had been sent but I did not get one. Instead this woman forcibly added me to two groups on Facebook, one of which is in support of her business. She then invited me to an event that she was running. She didn’t ask. She added me without my consent. And she used a sneaky way to do it. I was quite tempted to message her to tell her that she had ticked me off, but instead I took the peaceful road. I deleted her and took myself out of her groups. This embodies what annoys me about business today. Give someone an internet connection and they think they have more power than is right.


But on the flipside, thank you to this lady. I have learned another way that I do not want to do business. I have learnt that it is really important to ASK before taking up some of someones life. And to always go with heart over money.

Hello My Happy Space October! , I love you.
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