The light is here and now I am free!

During the Winter I always forget how the lighter days felt. Now they are here, whoop what a difference! So with it I have begun a new habit. During the dark I felt the familiar slump. I was getting to work tired, slightly irritable, needing more coffee’s than I could face. It was taking me half the day just to wake up. As the light came I began to naturally wake up a little earlier.

Then one week I was required to go to work a bit earlier. Once the habit of me getting up to an earlier alarm had been started, it felt natural to keep it going. I considered this time and my beginnings to each day. After some searching I realised that one of the things that frustrated me in the morning was that it wasn’t a weekend. If it were a weekend, what would I do? I would make a coffee, get some water, get back into bed and read. So, what am I waiting for?

Thus begins the new habit. I wake up 45 mins earlier than I used to. I get washed and dressed. Get breakfast together and some drinks, and get back into bed. I read. The treat of reading or indulging in whatever I want to for the next 30 mins is absolutely lovely. Towards the end I then finish getting ready and leave for work, awake, alive and fulfilled. Because I’ve just spent some of my morning doing what *I* want to do. Indulging in one of the things I love the most. I practically skip to work.

I implore those of you still in the rat race, like I currently am. Find out what makes you alive in the morning, Do it. Make yourself happier. You will love it 🙂

Hello New Habit! , I love you.
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