I’ve just got back from a lovely visit to Northern Ireland. I stayed in Bushmills and travelled around it’s surrounds. It was beautiful. Some things struck me about these areas. They are gorgeous, and very empty. I have seen some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes in my life. And they were very empty. On one particularly beautiful beach, there was me and one other couple.

Along with the empty beaches was a lot of empty homes. Beautiful homes, near the sea. Empty. Mini dream homes, abandoned.

I return home having got a very brief flavour of Ireland, with many questions. We always assume that gorgeous places to live must be hard to find and get. This did not seem the case here. Although I’ve not looked up house prices for comparison.

I learnt that these areas are also rich in helpful people. Everyone I met wanted to help, advise and just be nice to us. No one got irritated. We were directed to an island where I got to see seals. We were also directed to the best restaurant I have ever been in my life. The food was so incredible, that we chose to have breakfast there rather than the free one provided at the hostel. And I don’t normally turn my back on a free meal.

I am home with my usual heavy heart, that I get after travelling. I rearranged my kitchen yesterday. And today filled it with flowers, repotted a plant and spruced up my existing ones. I almost just want to get in a van and drive around interviewing the world. Asking them, what is their home like, why is it like this, what dreams do you have. Perhaps one day this is what I will do.


Hello Northern Ireland! , I love you.
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