So, this weekend past I have been to Offline Festival. What a weekend. So if you’re just tuning in, I am pursuing the creation of my own and first CIC (Community Interest Company). This path is all very new to me. And feels so right. So I was invited to this festival to meet others and learn more.

The festival itself was full of talks, food, drinks, stalls all which were very centered around the wellbeing of us, the planet and community. The values were very consistent across the site with stalls being about exchange rather than consumerism. I particularly liked the libraries. One of which was the Library of Things. There was also a clothing exchange stall. I saw one bag having two owners over the weekend. I loved how one person used it one day, then exchanged it that evening. And someone else exchanged it the next day. How cool is that!

Pretty much everyone there was either a volunteer or part of a community business. We were all very much in the same boat. It was lovely to be around so many people of such similarity.

My perks. I went with two very new friends who I absolutely loved being around. We had a lot of fun together and got to know each other on a deeper level. I got to let go of my usual constructs. On the first night I was dancing, singing, talking to people. Something I don’t get to do very often. I absolutely loved waking up in the morning and going straight to yoga. Not even getting changed, just going in my pj’s. Then having a cup of tea/breakfast and waking up. I loved doing that as a group. Group exercise in near quiet is bliss. I would love to create something that holds a morning yoga session. Then perhaps communal breakfast. I loved the learning. I didn’t make that many notes as I spent more time listening and taking it all in. I loved meeting others that do so many interesting things with their dreams and desires. And really put everything into whatever it is that they do. They will dress up and role play to make a point. Make people laugh so long as it just gets the message across. I love that.

So much more. I’d like to thank the Eden Project for making the weekend so amazing. For reconnecting me back with nature. For putting me on my path even more than before.

Thank you.

Hello Offline Festival! , I love you.
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