Our community has done good work today. I’m really proud of where I live. A bunch of us woke up this morning and went over to the Market Place. Here, a lovely building called No.28 has allowed us to take residence for a few hours to promote our community work alongside running a cafe to create the ambience to talk and build on our network. We call ourselves Transition Belper with our volunteer work focussed on making Belper a more sustainable and green place to live. We have sub groups, and some of those have sub groups, all working to the same goal. For that morning we promoted our projects, sold ethical and green products and discussed potential new projects with people who wandered in to see how they could work with us. All money made gets poured back into these projects.

As the cafe was coming to a close, we invited in people without a home so we could feed them whatever food was left over. It makes good use of unsold food and allows us to network further with those that want our support.

Just before heading home, I did a quick dash of research on the Belper Arts Trail. An event at the end of April which displays and promotes local artists all over the town. Arts and crafts are displayed in shop windows, on fields and in halls that open their doors for this special event. The town is transformed into an open festival, with music in parks and street actors taking wanderers on a journey. I love it.

All of Transition Belper volunteers then go home. Heads full of new ideas and conversations flowing through their heads from the morning networking. We have a list of jobs to do, ideas to follow up, names of people to talk to. A bunch of things to consider how to fit around our already busy working lives. But we see no option. The Earth is our home and we want to do what we can to make it a beautiful, happy place to be. So we never stop.

I am an eternal wanderer. I’ve had 18 addresses and lived all over the world. I chose to stop here for a while. I am so glad I did. This place is amazing, filled with hearts of gold and incredible values. I am so proud to call myself a resident of this space.

Hello People of Belper! , I love you.
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