The curse of the perfectionist.

I logged into my old website earlier. I was looking for a photograph of a necklace I made once and recalled that they were on there. As I flicked through, I remembered how much I loved that site. I had to abandon it for two reasons. It looked awful on mobile and you pretty much had to configure a whole other website for mobiles = more work. The other reason being, at the start of year two, Wix jacked up the cost of having my own .dom with them, by about ten times the initial price. I didn’t want to be at their mercy. I packed my bags and fled over to WordPress. I gaze at my old site lovingly. Wishing for the patience right now to try and patch it over. This will be a work in progress I guess.

My empire is growing slowly but upwardly. Come the end of April I will be at the Belper Arts Trail for the first time as an exhibitor. I am very excited, nervous, and working hard to prepare. My theme will be “An Icelandic Adventure” and will include as many of my creative talents as possible. Once this is done I will be listing any unsold items on Etsy and then use this as my physical creative outlet. I will also be launching my ‘Kitchen Consultations’. Healing and advice in my home. I will have second hand books on sale and will be taking them any nearby event that I can get a free table. It’s all busy, busy, and a good test for my perfectionist tendencies.

While I am doing all this, I am inspired by the increasing light to clear out my home. I want the light and fresh air to flood every corner here. I’ve been clearing out drawers, putting items on Gumtree and brushing Shadow’s winter coat out of his fur before it gets to the floor… and on everything else. It’s certainly been a thought-provoking time here at Rainbow Retreat.

One of my other pushes has been the drawing close of my 37th birthday. It is my most important birthday. Two of my favourite numbers combined. Still a little more time before 40, but creeping further out of my mid 30’s. The point where you realise the things you haven’t done yet, you can still do them in a fairly youthful time of your life. But that youth is getting further away. I find this wonderfully motivating. The power of the ‘now or never’.

I wonder how you are receiving this Spring coming ever closer.

Hello Perfectionism! , I love you.
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