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For those of you that know me, you’ll know I’ve always got a few things going on. Today I came home from my day job. Had about half hour rest and then proceeded to work on Transition stuff until about 21.00. So today I’ve worked for about 11 hours in total. Tiring, yes. Feels good? Yes. I feel so proud of myself and what I’ve achieved today.

This is why I’m an advocate for volunteer work and splitting your time between two different paths. During the day I earn money. I do some tasks which aren’t very fun, but I also get to spend time with great people and develop myself in ways I probably wouldn’t have normally asked for. I have to do them because my boss wants me to. It’s good for being exposed to different situations, sometimes difficult situations. I also think that working in a large department grows you quickly. Faced with so many personalities, everyone speaking a different language. You have no choice but to learn, fast. I’m really proud that in the time I’ve been there I’ve found a good relationship with most of the people there and learnt a job that was completely out of my comfort zone.

Out of hours I volunteer for Transition. Amongst other things. Here the paths becomes a bit more open. I can do more of the things I want to do, that I can choose to do. I learn new skills in a realm that I’m not used to because these type of things have never been a paid job for me. I mostly have to seek my own development because I have no boss and very few people to work alongside to tell me how to do things. I can choose when I work and how much effort I put into things. I also work with vastly very different people from more walks of life. We have a few things in common, but would not normally cross paths if it were not for our volunteer work. The growth rate can be slower as I don’t do this work as frequently, but I can really sink my teeth into something that I can’t in a day job. At home I can spend hours on one task, undisturbed, with all my own comforts and home stuff at hand.

Today I signed up for a Mail Chimp account for my volunteer group and sent out the first newsletter. How short that sentence looks. It took me all evening. And even then I had to send out a second newsletter cause I messed up the first one. But I’m really proud. I’ve sewn the seeds for the first real communication that my group will have. Until now it’s been a paragraph on the Transition newsletter and random messages through Facebook and in person. It feels good. I wanted to give gratitude and acknowledge the good.

And on that note, I need to flee to bed. I have to be up early for my day job tomorrow 🙂

Hello Progress! , I love you.
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