Hello Saving Strays! , I love you.

This morning was one of those moments where time seems to stop, and you realise something big. I had made the decision to keep my cat indoors for the evening, and then to let him out at night. If he was indoors in the evening, he would choose to then go out, but only for two hours. Then he would come in at night and disturb my sleep. So a new regime had to begin.

He had come in from his nightly adventures and was settling down for sleep. I live next to a site that is currently being cleared for a new building. As the sound of chainsaws whirred away, he came to me looking a bit distressed. I cuddled him and took him to the window telling him that it was okay. All the noise was out there and we were safe inside. I let him see what was going on, whilst reassuring him with strokes that he was safe and protected.

Then it dawned on me. He used to live out there.

Around a year ago he began to visit my home, as a stray. He was living in the ruins of the old chocolate factory that is currently being demolished. He began to visit more frequently but was very nervous. Aware that Winter was coming, I made steps to coax him to stay inside for longer, and eventually he moved in permanently. Had I not done any of that, he would be spending these days amongst the chainsaws. Terrified and alone. He would find his home being demolished more and more each day.

Instead he was comfortably sitting in my arms. Safe and protected. With a full tummy and near a warm bed in which to sleep in. I breathed relief with him. My little black hole. He was with me instead of out there. I am very grateful he took the chance to sneak into my home to find food.

Hello Saving Strays! , I love you.
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