I have sat and meditated and considered my work issues further.

What I have realised is some of the words I use to describe what upsets me so. “She said…..”, “She behaved like this towards me”, “She doesn’t care or appreciate me”. It’s all what I perceive others to think of me. What about what I think of me? And who knows if I am even right?

The bottom line is that I am deciding what their words and behaviour communicate to me, and using that communication to determine how I feel. I am making that more important than what I feel about me. Or what the people who matter to me think about me.

The truth is that many people at my current workplace love me dearly. They love to see me happy and smiling. They love to banter with me. They love that I listen to them. They love that I take the time to understand them. They love it when I take time out of my personal life to be with them. The people in my personal life love me dearly too. Isn’t that more important than what one person seems to think of me?

Here’s to a better day -chink-

Hello Self-Perspective! , I love you.
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