This evening I have finally given in and indulged in another new face to my internet world. Every so often a new name pops up, their website is a huge rabbit hole and you make the decision whether to move on, or indulge. I had resisted this one in particular for some weeks, despite it speaking to my entrepreneurial side. As I watched video after video, one stood out. It was a ‘Truth’ video. And I needed to hear it.

Unexpected Advice for Sensitive Souls

I am a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). I discovered this about myself in 2012 and wow was it an eye opener. My whole approach to dealing with myself changed and I no longer excuse the way I am. Finding the manual on this was one of those times where you read a book and have to keep putting it down so you can sit and repeat “wow” several times. I’ve since recommended this book to many people. No one has failed to have the same wow factor when reading it.

So anyhoo, sensitive person and yes the world can seem harsh sometimes. But as the video explains, there is something I can do about that too. My present routine for going to work is; Hear alarm, hit snooze, get up, run bath, pack bags, have bath, get dressed, go to work. All in about 45 mins – 1 hour. Upon arriving at work I am still waking up and more sensitive because of that. I put myself in a vulnerable position because I am not preparing well enough.

I thought back to routines I have in other places. On holiday my routine was a little different; Hear alarm, get up and put some extra layers on, go to breakfast, watch people in silence during breakfast and check phone for plan of the day, shower, get dressed and then leave for the day. Routine taking closer to 1.5 hours. The first hour being mostly quiet because I was still waking up.

I recalled a festival routine I had recently; Hear alarm, hit snooze, groggily put more layers on, leave tent and find toilet block for a long awaited wee, go to morning yoga, return to tent and either cook breakfast on camp stove or go for a shower, after doing both of those in any order, attend lecture/workshop. Approx 2-3 hours.

Interesting that when I am away from home, I spend more time on my morning routine, even partaking in exercise if it is on offer. I spend more time on breakfast and give myself more time to awaken ready for the day. This is because the times are dictated by something outside of me. If I didn’t get up early enough for yoga, I wouldn’t get to have a free class. If I didn’t get up early enough for breakfast, I would have to buy some along the way and possibly have to endure being rather hungry for a while which would impact on my enjoyment of the day.

As it is January, it is a good time to make some promises. Maybe I’ll actually keep this one! Bottom line is that I need to agree that I am partly to blame for my sensitivity in the mornings, and the fact that I can be much less approachable and hence enjoy my day less because I have started off on the wrong foot. This is my responsibility.

At present I leave for work around 8.15. I’m going to wind that back to 8.10. That gives me more time to stroll and enjoy the walk to work. I’m going to set my alarm for 6.30 and indulge in 30 mins of yoga. This will give my brain time to wake up and my body the exercise it needs. It will stretch me out ready for a day behind a desk. Thus giving me just over an hour to get ready so that I can eat breakfast at home if I wish to.

Baby steps. New habit. Go!

Hello Sensitivity, I love you!
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