So tonight I connected with a lovely lady on Skype who wanted to share business stories. Before we began I had a feeling that it was more about her wanting to sell something to be, be it an idea or product. Turns out I was right, but I listened on anyway wondering if I would have anything to learn.

Her pitch just didn’t ignite me at all. In the slightest. She asked me “Does anything resonate with you?”. I had to be honest and tell her that it did not. As much as I love the idea of having an on-the-side business that is all set up and ready to go, it doesn’t reflect my values and I would feel like I had sold out when I would tell others what I am now doing.

The bottom line is that My Happy Space takes all my spare energy, and should do. I set out to create something new. I did and it is growing. I wanted to create something innovative. I did and it is successful in its own right. I wanted to support others share their passions, their skills and what their hearts have led them to. This is what is happening! Others are coming and sharing the things that are important to them. To spend my time on anything else would dilute this project. And turn my time into being something that makes money for a big company. The exact opposite of what I wanted to do.

As I pondered this further I recalled what myself and someone else was discussing last week. We wanted to create a board of ‘Heroes’ so that we had inspiration when we felt a little bit lost. We both wanted to add Apple onto the board, as their business model inspired the both of us. Using this I thought to myself, would Steve Jobs have hosted an Avon type party? Or would he have gone straight into the middle of the model and created something newer and better off his own steam? I’d have loved to have seen Steve Jobs share foundation application techniques but that’s my fantasy. Apparently. But the truth is the same. I don’t want to be a rat. I want to create the tornado. A very beautiful and uplifting tornado. That makes houses beautiful. It doesn’t destroy them. Welcome to my head.

ANYWAY. I did learn something from my Skype call. I learnt that I am playing in bigger leagues than ever before. I learnt that my aspirations are big and also I won’t stop to achieve them. I realised they are so much closer again. Each time I am shown something I don’t want to be, it pushes me closer to what I do want. It shows me that all I need is passion, and I will get there.

The Facebook page for My Happy Space, after 5 months now has 95 likes. We just need to increase actual attendance. I have four people interested in supporting me to create the business officially, and help run it from different aspects. I am finding people every month who want to be involved and love the idea. I just need to make the snowball nice and firm 🙂

Hello The Big Hard Sell! , I love you.
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