I have recently downloaded a new app called Shapr. Its purpose is to network professionals using their Linked In accounts. It has a UI very similar to that of Tinder. You swipe either way depending on whether you want to network with another person over their professional interests.

Much like Tinder, no one has replied to my messages yet.

What also strikes me is the variation of job titles. Things such as “Qualified Wellness Coach”. Who qualified you? Someone who put a course together then charged you £2,000 to complete it? Yes, this is a bug for me. I’ll tell ye why. When I decided I wanted to be a crystal healer, I was told I needed to complete a more ‘professional’ course. So I did three of them. I spent a lot of money and got virtually nothing out of it. None of the courses taught me how to market my business, deal with clients, charge correctly, help more complex individuals. I took it upon myself to do short courses in counselling and psychology but it was never part of the two year £2,000 courses I was doing. As a result of this, it took me a long time to gain the courage to set up anything remotely like a business. I’m talking years. When I finally did do it, it failed on every level. Because I’d never been taught the business side of being a healer.

What if I were to build my business on my experience? It may look vastly different to what my dreamy head wants to do. Which is basically live in a log cabin near a beach and a forest, making potions to help the local people. Reality may dictate that my skills are in managing hostile working places. Travelling. Taking lone leaps into the unknown. Healing love wounds. Getting through narcissistic relationships (and getting out of them). Self-development. Exploring past lives. Self-healing. Starting projects.

I guess I am part of the right project right now, with My Happy Space. Here I get to support others to come out of their shell and live in the world. I’ve been to similar places that they have been. I’ve walked the hellish paths. More than any course could teach me.

Hello Training Titles! , I love you?
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