It’s been a while. I’ve been pulled in many different directions lately, had many rushes of ideas and many thoughts to pursue. Amongst all that, I’ve made a decision to  pluck up the courage and do a little solo travelling. So, I’m going to Iceland!! I find that travel expands our awareness, teaches us so much more about ourselves and the world around us, inspires us, kicks us up the arse, and connects us with many more people we may not have ordinarily met. Travel is one of my favourite ways to navigate the journey Home.

When I made this decision, I was terrified. Naturally. Then my next surprise was to realise that I actually knew very little about what I was about to embark on. As I began reading travel blogs and tourist websites, it dawned on me that I had to learn an awful lot if I was going to make good use of my trip. My idea of clothing had to be completely rethought, my time would have to be pre-booked so that I could make sure I saw as much as possible, even money! Usually when we travel we are used to picking up our money at the travel agents. Not for Iceland. Generally the UK doesn’t stock their currency. So the option is to research cards and go to the ATM upon arrival. Every idea and possibility has had to be read, researched and then sometimes a run to various shops to find the appropriate items. I don’t want to miss a minute and I really don’t want to waste any time backtracking because I made an unwise decision. It’s an adventure, but I’d like the adventure to be exploring.

Iceland is said to be the best first place to go if you are a solo female. So here I go, life’s waiting to begin. . .

Hello Travel! , I love you.
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