Hate being wrong? Get over it. It is one of the most amazing things you can be. I welcome being wrong. It provides a huge opportunity to break away from beliefs that aren’t doing me any favours. I can reset my path with my newfound knowledge. I get to shake up my plans and go forth, stronger and taller, because I was wrong and could admit it.

Just to give you a little background, I was trained to be happy to be wrong. During one of my employments within a hospital I was doing some work where if I made a mistake or didn’t quite know what I was doing, I could kill someone. That threat was very real. Once I screwed up and came very close to messing up a pregnant lady’s opportunity to have her unborn baby Down’s tested. In my early days I thought it was a job where someone else would pick up if I did something wrong. But no, I was one of the first and last lines of checks. I was naive. From then on if I was in any danger of being wrong, I would go tell someone and seek help. I never felt ashamed of being wrong, because that meant I had done my best for that patient. There was a liberation in being able to turn to someone and say “I don’t know what I am doing here, please help me”, and help came. By the way please understand that this was a huge job to learn with hundreds of tests and different ways of doing them. The ones that know them all off by heart I suspect are robots.

Back to my point. I’ve trained several times as a healer. I’ve tried many different teachers because I thought that someday, someone would really connect me into whatever it was I was trying to do. My gift is most definitely there. I am very aware of it. But I struggled to use it how I thought it should be used. People time over and over keep telling me that naturally, I am a healer. So why am I unable to do it successfully? I ‘retired’ from healing and claimed that everyone was wrong.

Sometimes I find that some questions aren’t ready to be answered straight away, while you pave the road for that answers foundation. So the last few months I put my healer self to bed and concentrated on the project, My Happy Space. Then suddenly I find myself hunting for more of the right kind of therapist for the Space and wondering if they will have the same ethics as me. I began asking questions about my own experience with healing to be told it was simply my confidence. Yep, heard that before. And now I have the perfect place to build my confidence, my own events!

I was offered to be supported by one of the best healers I know, who weirdly enough has reentered my life after a four year absence. She took a break and is now getting back on the wagon, phew! The same evening that this happened I picked up a book called, ‘Your Healing Power’. In the introduction the man explains exactly how I’ve been feeling and living my life in regards to healing. Apart from all the wrong turns, he describes a teacher who encouraged him to find his own way. If only someone had supported me to do that early on! The setting is perfect, the path is clear. My healer self will reignite! And I will be wrong – yes!!!

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