I’m here again. Going slightly off the rails, in a very controlled way. I’ve had a lot to think about lately. I never considered myself to have a mental health problem, because I don’t have a label. After a mental health workshop I realised that mental health is a topic as generic as physical health. We all have something to take care of. So rather my mental wellbeing is not great I guess. The gist is that I’m under a lot of pressure and not doing enough to balance that pressure out. I am also quite addicted to overworking and helping others far more than they will ever return the favour. It’s a sickness.

I’ve been craving experiences from the past where I felt much better. Now I see it is my brain’s way of telling me to chill the hell out. I also read this fantastic post by Anna Shinoda where she suggests different ways of self-help, explaining that it is a very individual thing. After speaking with my counsellor, I realised how much I have progressively neglected myself. I bought a house back in May and since then it’s been a crazy ride. We are settled in our new home, but the habit of go go go has remained.

My counsellor suggested a lot of things I know aren’t possible and will take more time than I have to spare. I wanted to come away and think for myself. What do I need? Especially in a time of year when having a day at home sounds like bliss.

Let’s make some goals 🙂
1. Invest in some nice candles for the living room, to enable evenings to feel more warm and cosy, thus relaxing. Also tidy up the living room ready for Christmas.
2. Work out reducing the amount of My Happy Space clutter in my home office. It has taken over and I think we need to work out whether it all needs to be there. See if anyone else can house it. It doesn’t have to be me.
3. Regular yoga/fitness. Let’s go for once a week for now and build from there.
4. Regular meditation. Maybe at least 5 mins after work where possible?
5. More balance around the weekends. I’ve currently been doing archery every Saturday daytime. Which makes me not want to do much else. I’m trying to make Sundays a day to do something outside, be it the garden, a walk, or day out. It means there is little time for true rest, but maybe the time outside can be restful.
6. No work on anything after 20.30 at night. Bed by 21.00 with a Kindle. No deviation!
7. More regular spiritual connection. Via Shamanic practice or simply candle, and writing.

And go!

Just Slightly Left to the Edge
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