Full Disclosure Policy
Last updated 28th May 2019

I created this website as a road to freedom as well as sharing my biggest passions. I wanted to share my voice, write, take pictures that would inspire others and find a way out of the constant dead end jobs that I was finding myself in. When I really looked inside, it seemed my skills were almost perfectly matched for writing a blog. Something that was far less soul destroying than finding out that I was yet again another square peg at my latest job.

Building and maintaining websites have two major sucks. Time and money. I quickly realised I couldn’t create the website and job of my dreams unless I could put the time in. And I couldn’t put the time in whilst I was working at a job that took the life out of me. So it made sense to make my website work for me, hopefully as hard as I was working for it.

To accomplish this I chose to share affiliate links of the things I love and use. Often this is books I have owned and read. Sometimes it’s a product I’ve tried out. I will never lie about it and my opinion cannot be bought. Sometimes companies send me things to review. I may accept, but my review will always be honest. If I don’t like the product, I will say so.

At present I do not use adverts. Although that may change in the future. My hope is to keep this site ad-free as I know how irritating they can be. I also aim never to use pop-ups. I don’t wish to hassle you whilst you read.

After over 10 years of working in the NHS, I am well aware of the importance of privacy and confidentiality. You won’t hear a peep from me about anything you share with me. If I want to share, I will seek your consent beforehand.

Thank you for supporting me and my journey through website creation.