Dedication to Charlotte : Healer Friend

Today I feel calm, quiet and more myself. Some healing has taken place, transforming another piece of my inner brokeness. Another result of a decision I made about a year ago. What a brilliant decision that was! It was a time when I was developing my life a little more. Wanting to be more out in the world and cease playing small. I was having the realisation that my friendships were more key than I had thought.

The Road of Vulnerability

The Road of Vulnerability

I am on a quest, to discover and merge the me’s. I have been brainwashing myself with Brene Brown on a recommendation, after a long time of asking why am I not seen. The answer is clear. I have been on a mission to keep myself small. I surround myself with those who want to also keep me small. Very few people want to see me rise. I almost make sure of that. This needs to change

The First Post From My New Desk

I am sat in my brand new home office πŸ˜€ For the first time, I sit at my new desk. I have a world of possibility joining me here. The room is very much incomplete. But all my boxes and all the things that will belong in here, are now in here. I feel somewhat restless. I want to spend all of my energy making this space completely mine, new and fresh. But it is already gone

My Final Day

Tonight is my final night at the flat I called my home for five years. I am not sleeping here. Merely passing by to say goodbye. I have cleared all but a few small items out. All that remains are some pieces of furniture, here for the next tenant. I have so much to reflect on here. When I first came here I was feeling strangled by my landlady and desperate for something cheap and informal. This