Welcome to my World!

Pure Light of Home is a hub where my blog resides, any projects I am involved in, my passions, heart and soul.

Why Icelandic Adventures?
I am obsessed with Iceland. I love adventuring and I love glaciers, Northern Lights. You'll see this theme running through this website because these experiences led me to some of the biggest epiphanies of my life. If you want to learn about any of those adventures and experiences, click on the 'Iceland' tag in my tag cloud.

Help with Booking
I can offer help with booking your first trip. We would meet on a call or discuss over email or social media chat what it is you would like to do, and work together to create your itinerary and support with booking all the elements. I don't receive any commissions for this at the present moment so I would require pre-payment of £20 per hour that we work together. This hour doesn't need to be used at once. It may be that we discuss your needs for 30 mins, and you then research without me based on my suggestions, and we come back together for another 30 mins to finalise. My goal is to make sure you have an amazing time in Iceland and get lots out of your trip.

Current Projects
Right now I am working in a day job within a hospital ward. I am a volunteer for My Happy Space - local wellbeing sessions that occur once a month. I am also currently learning to drive, something that is taking up much of my mental energy D: