Hello Challenging Bloody Website Building! , I love you.

Or do I? I have spent a whole day today updating this bloody website. I’m damn proud of what I have done, but also frustrated at the shortcomings. I feel uncomfortable reading stuff that’s way out of my understanding. I know I have no way or inclination of ever understanding some of it. But anyway, here I am, an updated website and a day behind me. So, what do you think? There is lots still I want

Hello Ideas! , I love you.

I’ve had a rather productive day preparing for the local festival. As my previous post indicated, life has been niggling at me. One of my big dreams is to move into a motorhome. I’ve been slowly preparing for it once I realised that it wasn’t completely impossible. My aim is to be taking this seriously towards the end of this year. Of course this makes a regular job a little tricky. So as you know, I’ve been

Hello World!

Hello World!

So, this is my first official post on my new website. It’s very blank at present. Very much a blank slate. I am creating. Actually I am learning to create. It’s like being given a universe to create within, without the instruction book. Much like becoming a human. This website, like a whole world, awaits. It awaits my mark, my soul, heart and depth.  It wants me to be within and all around the pages, menus and