Hello Cat Gifts! , I love you.

I write to you from a very weary eyes position this morning. My beloved Shadow has proven himself to be a man. At 04.30am. As I slept mostly peacefully, my lovely boyfriend was being hassled throughout the night. We had taken the unusual decision to leave the window open, where Shadow can come in and out of. He was sitting watching the night, seemingly harmless. So we granted him all night in/out access. Around 04.30am my boyfriend

Hello Scary Dreams! , I love you.

The room was dimly lit, however I was lighting candles. Something kept blowing them out, although there was no wind. He likes candles, so I endeavoured to keep relighting them. I was doing this slowly with an air of frustration. A noise distracted me. I walked over to the nearby door, and peered out. There was a small hallway with a wooden ladder leading to the roof. The hatch that opens the roof was open, and I