Hello My Happy Space October! , I love you.

This post finds me a little disgruntled. My second event was last night and didn’t go as well as the first. I did hope for challenges early on so I could learn, improve and move on. I got my wish. I was grateful for the learning and am looking forward to making all the improvements that will make the future sessions even better. I’ve had a really good start in many ways. I am disgruntled because the

Hello My Happy Space Journey! , I love you.

On my other website I have make pledges to make certain changes. I am following up there in 3 months and here, I will document the challenges etc. One of my pledges was to learn a new healthy recipe every fortnight. So today I went to buy the ingredients for some oat biscuits I was going to make to snack on when I was hungry in between meals. It failed. As I searched for the ingredients I

Hello Offline Festival! , I love you.

So, this weekend past I have been to Offline Festival. What a weekend. So if you’re just tuning in, I am pursuing the creation of my own and first CIC (Community Interest Company). This path is all very new to me. And feels so right. So I was invited to this festival to meet others and learn more. The festival itself was full of talks, food, drinks, stalls all which were very centered around the wellbeing of

Hello My Happy Space #4! , I love you.

Eeeeekkk!!! I’ve just been delivering posters around town. What a scary thing! It’s coming closer and now more people of Belper are going to know about it. Terrifying. The fears are setting in and I am trying hard not to buy into the voice that asks; “What if you fail?”. It is equally as scary as the voice that asks; “What if you shine?”. We are so afraid, aren’t we. The Facebook page now has 42 likes.