End of the Road for Facebook?

The last day I have been exploring the media around Facebook this year. I’ll be honest, I don’t quite understand what has been going on but some of the things I have read have disgruntled me a little. On the other hand I use Facebook quite cautiously and always have. I guess I came into the digital age at a time when these things were new and it was natural to question them. I recall receiving invitations

Hello Iceland! , I love you

Hello Iceland! , I love you

Why Iceland? What pulled me in so deeply? Think back to the time you spent there. What was it about the place that made you feel so alive, happy, content? I liked waking up in the morning to a new adventure. Having a fresh new shower every day. Donning new clothes that would be all I needed for the day. Taking photographs and revelling in what they looked like. Hearing facts and history about the things I

Hello Coincidence! , I love you.

The one is several billion chance. Today at 00.55, a friend of mine on the other side of the world was listening to a song and wondering who was singing the chorus part of the song. I was asleep and did not see the message he sent me, querying who this was. Minutes later he had worked it out and sent me the answer. All the while my phone was switched off and sat on the sofa