The Things That Stop Me Spiralling into Depression

In my previous post I shared my experience of depression within myself and how I got out of it each time. This post I will explain the things that halt me in my depression tracks. The things that flag up when I see depression looming, and make me turn around fast. It’s All About Them One of the biggest things that niggle at me with some (not all) depressed people is how self-indulgent we can become. Everything

My Reason for This Website – My End to Depression

I created this website in part to share my journey. I’ve been to many dark places. I’ve crawled out of a lot of holes. I created this to share my darkness, my answers, my personality, my hopes, dreams, thoughts, the good and the bad. I wanted to show others how I’ve done it. I am connected to a number of depressed individuals online and offline. It constantly surprises me and scares me to read what they write