Hello Dream Realisation! , I love you.

I’m having this thing at the moment where I’m realising that I’ve achieved so many of my dreams. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking you don’t have everything you want. The lifelong pursuit. But it is essential to stop every once in a while and think about what it is you have achieved. I have so much now, compared with what I used to have. I have a fairly okay flat. It’s not great but

Hello Motivation! , I love you.

How delicious is motivation. I have unconsciously self-motivated myself today. I set my alarm as the weather man had promised a 9am thunderstorm. He was wrong. But I was up anyway. I began faffing about with my plans for my new project ventures as well as making notes on my current one. It feels good to be free to pursue something new. My trick was to start flicking through a book on business. As soon as I

Hello Experience! , I love you.

Something unusual happened to me last week. I got annoyed by something written on social media. So much so that I spoke out rather than remain silent. It’s rare that something rattles me, even rarer if something rattles me enough to speak out. I was still thinking about it today. Wondering what had really caused my reaction. As I thought deeper, I realised the thing that had frustrated me the most was the gist of the messages