Hello Experience! , I love you.

Something unusual happened to me last week. I got annoyed by something written on social media. So much so that I spoke out rather than remain silent. It’s rare that something rattles me, even rarer if something rattles me enough to speak out. I was still thinking about it today. Wondering what had really caused my reaction. As I thought deeper, I realised the thing that had frustrated me the most was the gist of the messages

Hell Dreams Within! , I love you.

I am anxious right now. I always knew 2017 would bring me good things, and indeed it has. On the strike of midnight entering into this year, I began a new relationship. Within a very short space of time, I knew that this would be something spectacular. Turns out he’s very open to my Travel Hound status. Last night we booked our first travel plans. Destination Ireland. I’m fired up. We’ve discussed revisiting my beloved Iceland towards

Hello Passinspiration! , I love you.

  Yep. I’ve invented a new word. This here word is the combination between passion and inspiration. In case you didn’t get it 😉  I’m going to talk / write a little about this feeling. As a description, passion of course, easy, desire, firey thrusting desire. I don’t mean thrusty in a sexual sense. I mean, that push within your core that makes you go forth and DO. When we have passion, logic seems much less important.