Hello Risks! , I love you.

I’ve been off work the last couple of weeks with a bug that just would not go away. I’m finally starting to feel more human and as such am doing more work on my projects. Last night I spotted something. The perfect job! Only it was in Sydney, while I live in the UK. It’s not a huge stretch for me as I’ve lived and worked in Sydney before, very happily. I left due to various reasons

Hello Training Titles! , I love you?

I have recently downloaded a new app called Shapr. Its purpose is to network professionals using their Linked In accounts. It has a UI very similar to that of Tinder. You swipe either way depending on whether you want to network with another person over their professional interests. Much like Tinder, no one has replied to my messages yet. What also strikes me is the variation of job titles. Things such as “Qualified Wellness Coach”. Who qualified

Hello Self-Perspective! , I love you.

I have sat and meditated and considered my work issues further. What I have realised is some of the words I use to describe what upsets me so. “She said…..”, “She behaved like this towards me”, “She doesn’t care or appreciate me”. It’s all what I perceive others to think of me. What about what I think of me? And who knows if I am even right? The bottom line is that I am deciding what their