I Was Wrong, and I Love It!

Hate being wrong? Get over it. It is one of the most amazing things you can be. I welcome being wrong. It provides a huge opportunity to break away from beliefs that aren’t doing me any favours. I can reset my path with my newfound knowledge. I get to shake up my plans and go forth, stronger and taller, because I was wrong and could admit it. Just to give you a little background, I was trained

The Hard Work of A New Project, I love you.

I recently spoke to someone about how little time I have left each work for myself. She looked at me surprised and asked what is taking up all my time. So I gave her a quick run down of my monthly tasks and deadlines that I have to meet to keep the project going. She was shocked. As she pointed out, people just see the event itself. They have no idea of the machine running behind it.

Hello Training Titles! , I love you?

I have recently downloaded a new app called Shapr. Its purpose is to network professionals using their Linked In accounts. It has a UI very similar to that of Tinder. You swipe either way depending on whether you want to network with another person over their professional interests. Much like Tinder, no one has replied to my messages yet. What also strikes me is the variation of job titles. Things such as “Qualified Wellness Coach”. Who qualified