Hello Iceland 2017! , I love you.

I am back from another trip to Iceland. Actually, my mind is coming back, my body is here, my spirit is still in Iceland. So, I shall continue on with the recount of the events of my trip. Thursday 2 November 2017 My boyfriend and I took the long journey to Iceland. Three trains, a monorail, a short bus, flight and then another two buses. The flights are short, but in total it took us many hours

Hello Iceland Clothing! , I love you.

Yessss!!! I’m going back to Iceland 😀  I cannot wait. I now have the task of imparting my wisdom onto my fellow traveller. Yup, this time I won’t be flying solo. I will be going with my very own Viking 🙂  So I figured, in the spirit of sharing, I could write a post on clothing. I did read up on clothing before I left the last time. I made some choices and then experience helped me

Hello Iceland! , I love you

Hello Iceland! , I love you

Why Iceland? What pulled me in so deeply? Think back to the time you spent there. What was it about the place that made you feel so alive, happy, content? I liked waking up in the morning to a new adventure. Having a fresh new shower every day. Donning new clothes that would be all I needed for the day. Taking photographs and revelling in what they looked like. Hearing facts and history about the things I

Hello Expression! , I love you

Yes, I’ve just been to Iceland. It’s knocked me for six in some ways. I didn’t expect to fall in love with a place like I have here. Yesterday as I packed up the last of my Iceland clothes into storage, I felt heartbroken. I’ve felt heartbroken since I left actually. From the second I sat on the plane to come home. Since returning I spent some time with my new photographs and managed to have a