Frank James and The World of INFJ

This week I have spent my mornings listening to Frank James. His speciality is INFJ, people, his inner world, all that jazz. I love it. At first I was kinda put off by the typical You Tube screen shots and bold headings. I decided to go against my initial judgement and listen. And wow. This man has helped me to understand more of myself. Two subjects I have touched on this week; ‘INFJ’s are Cold’, and ‘Authenticity’.

Hello Ending Self Torture! , I love you.

This is a late one. I’ve had a pretty shitty week. Other people have been my problem. Flaring up in my face and reminding me how inadequate I feel. What I should have responded with is a reminder to thank me for the good I’ve done, rather than point out what expectation of theirs I failed to meet. After a day such as this, I feel wretched. It feels like a hangover. My whole body feels in

Hello Wrongness! , I love you.

I’m at a very searchy part of my path. I’ve done extensive volunteering and am now at the point where I am tired of it. I love what I’ve done but it feels more like a bind than a joy. I spent the Winter focussing inwards, particularly in my home space. Now I feel a big part of my focus needs to remain there for the rest of the year. I am committed to decluttering, reducing my

Hello INFJ State of Emergency! , I love you.

It’s been one of those weeks where a crash is inevitable. I’ve been tired for weeks, juggling a different set of plates and working out what fits together in this lovely new year. As with all life circumstance changes, the plates eventually crash to the floor a little when the balance is… rebalancing. Things must flow out as things flow in. Making decisions quickly and reevaluating what needs attention can take too much time to put into