Hello Ending Self Torture! , I love you.

This is a late one. I’ve had a pretty shitty week. Other people have been my problem. Flaring up in my face and reminding me how inadequate I feel. What I should have responded with is a reminder to thank me for the good I’ve done, rather than point out what expectation of theirs I failed to meet. After a day such as this, I feel wretched. It feels like a hangover. My whole body feels in

Hello Mental Health! , I love you.

Okay, an honest post. In the spirit of mental health awareness. I’ve suffered. Haven’t most people? I’ve gone through many bouts of depression, been on anti-depressants, suffered through severe mental distress and once accidentally almost overdosed on a particularly bad night. I’ve considered suicide. Of course I have. Haven’t most people? My overdose near miss. I was heartbroken. I was seeking any way to numb the pain I was going through. One night I popped pills along

Hello Chester Bennington! , I love you.

Goodness, what a time of sadness. This post isn’t the same feel as the seemingly happy and grateful title. But I am sure I can go with that theme eventually. I hear that Chester has hanged himself, aged 41. Mental health issues? I just don’t get it. The help is out there, the support is seemingly everywhere. Why do these people still drown? Why does the help, not help them? Chester has been a big part of

Hello Anger! , I love you.

Ugh, how can you love yourself and your anger? I am fuming. This week has seen an accumulation in rage for me. And no, it’s not Moon Time. What’s really ticked me off is the repeated treatment of people by corporations and those working for them. It’s the everyday people that sadden me. The big businesses are bad enough, but I get shocked when the people working for them start to support their bad behaviour. I pride