Hello Scary Dreams! , I love you.

The room was dimly lit, however I was lighting candles. Something kept blowing them out, although there was no wind. He likes candles, so I endeavoured to keep relighting them. I was doing this slowly with an air of frustration. A noise distracted me. I walked over to the nearby door, and peered out. There was a small hallway with a wooden ladder leading to the roof. The hatch that opens the roof was open, and I

Hello Money!  , I love you. 

I’ve been trying an experiment.  This is a blend of mindfulness,  presence, appreciation and awareness. I want to save some extra money this month.  So after paying the bills,  I split the remainder between how many weeks were in the month.  Essentially working out my allocated pocket money.  I then put it aside in cash each week. When my purse is running low, I check out of my cash box what I need for the next day

Hello Hormones! , I love you?

So there’s something you should know. I am not afraid to talk about moon time, to man or woman. In fact I try to talk to men about it more as I don’t believe it should be a “taboo” subject that men should be protected from. Get over it men. Get over it and learn about it. The subject is actually quite fascinating. I have gathered you here today to marvel at hormones and how they affect