The Hard Work of A New Project, I love you.

I recently spoke to someone about how little time I have left each work for myself. She looked at me surprised and asked what is taking up all my time. So I gave her a quick run down of my monthly tasks and deadlines that I have to meet to keep the project going. She was shocked. As she pointed out, people just see the event itself. They have no idea of the machine running behind it.

Building a Business, One Overwhelming Step at a Time

Building a Business, One Overwhelming Step at a Time

At this present moment, I really do miss connecting with my spiritual side. I come home from work tonight, starving and exhausted. As soon as I have stuffed my face, I will want to sleep. So instead I force myself to be productive, as I know that to indulge in anything else would have me snoozing within minutes. I begin with my email accounts. Clearing and responding to emails. I discover an email from Dropbox, which I

Hello The Big Hard Sell! , I love you.

So tonight I connected with a lovely lady on Skype who wanted to share business stories. Before we began I had a feeling that it was more about her wanting to sell something to be, be it an idea or product. Turns out I was right, but I listened on anyway wondering if I would have anything to learn. Her pitch just didn’t ignite me at all. In the slightest. She asked me “Does anything resonate with

Hello Motivation! , I love you.

I am clearing up my bookshelves. As I do this I am getting rid of all the books that cannot help me at this time. I’ve gone beyond it or they don’t speak to me. I’ve paused at a book called “Self Motivation”. The first exercise being that we really visualise the very thing that motivated our action on a thing in the first place. I thought about My Happy Space and what it was that first