Hello Motivation! , I love you.

I am clearing up my bookshelves. As I do this I am getting rid of all the books that cannot help me at this time. I’ve gone beyond it or they don’t speak to me. I’ve paused at a book called “Self Motivation”. The first exercise being that we really visualise the very thing that motivated our action on a thing in the first place. I thought about My Happy Space and what it was that first

Hello My Happy Space October! , I love you.

This post finds me a little disgruntled. My second event was last night and didn’t go as well as the first. I did hope for challenges early on so I could learn, improve and move on. I got my wish. I was grateful for the learning and am looking forward to making all the improvements that will make the future sessions even better. I’ve had a really good start in many ways. I am disgruntled because the

Hello My Happy Space Journey! , I love you.

On my other website I have make pledges to make certain changes. I am following up there in 3 months and here, I will document the challenges etc. One of my pledges was to learn a new healthy recipe every fortnight. So today I went to buy the ingredients for some oat biscuits I was going to make to snack on when I was hungry in between meals. It failed. As I searched for the ingredients I

Hello Offline Festival! , I love you.

So, this weekend past I have been to Offline Festival. What a weekend. So if you’re just tuning in, I am pursuing the creation of my own and first CIC (Community Interest Company). This path is all very new to me. And feels so right. So I was invited to this festival to meet others and learn more. The festival itself was full of talks, food, drinks, stalls all which were very centered around the wellbeing of