Hello My Happy Space #4! , I love you.

Eeeeekkk!!! I’ve just been delivering posters around town. What a scary thing! It’s coming closer and now more people of Belper are going to know about it. Terrifying. The fears are setting in and I am trying hard not to buy into the voice that asks; “What if you fail?”. It is equally as scary as the voice that asks; “What if you shine?”. We are so afraid, aren’t we. The Facebook page now has 42 likes.

Hello My Happy Space #3! , I love you.

My Happy Space has a website!!! Since my last update the Facebook page has had more likes. Now up to 41. My first batch of leaflets have been printed and await being shared. The posters have been drafted and I am awaiting to print those. The website is set up and has bare bones. So I am building on that before I officially launch it. We are 1 month away from the first event! The Obstacles –

Hello My Happy Space #2!, I love you.

My Happy Space is finally launched! I really wanted to record the journey in more detail. Time constrictions did not allow. I’ll let you know what has happened since the last post. I launched the Facebook page and within days it has 32 likes. I attended the digital marketing session which was extremely helpful. They gave me lots of good advice, as well as advice which I’ve since learnt doesn’t need to be strictly followed. The bottom

Hello Happy Space #1! , I love you.

Wheeeee!!! I’ve begun a new project called My Happy Space. Super exciting and super awesome. I will of course add a page about all this as I create the advertising. I also really wanted to chart my progress. It’s amazing when you look back at projects and see how each month went, what you achieved and how it evolved. The obstacles, how you got over them. I really wanted to push myself to record this journey as