Hello Self-Perspective! , I love you.

I have sat and meditated and considered my work issues further. What I have realised is some of the words I use to describe what upsets me so. “She said…..”, “She behaved like this towards me”, “She doesn’t care or appreciate me”. It’s all what I perceive others to think of me. What about what I think of me? And who knows if I am even right? The bottom line is that I am deciding what their

Hello Ending Self Torture! , I love you.

This is a late one. I’ve had a pretty shitty week. Other people have been my problem. Flaring up in my face and reminding me how inadequate I feel. What I should have responded with is a reminder to thank me for the good I’ve done, rather than point out what expectation of theirs I failed to meet. After a day such as this, I feel wretched. It feels like a hangover. My whole body feels in

Hello Preferred Gender Groups! , I love you.

I’ve thought deeply about writing about this subject. My conclusion has been to finally say what I want to say. The background of this post; I look after an eco group called Inner Transition, as part of the Transition Network. Some months after I birthed this group, I was contacted by a lovely lady who wanted to get involved. Her desire was to create a group, specifically for women. Of course this was met positively and negatively

Hello Disaster! , I love you.

Disaster! “Is that so?” Turning disaster into an enlightening experience. This is how I ‘try’ to roll. This week my home flooded. Not too badly, just enough to cause chaos for a few days. I’ve had a number of condolences and worried people offering sympathy, an ear etc. Through all this there is a huge part of me that is glad this happened. I have come to learn so much. For a start, I learnt how to