Today I Move

I recall reading a Note from the Universe some time ago, saying that if we move, the Universe moves with us. I have definitely found this to be true. Today marks the biggest move I have made in a long time. I will be a part owner of my first home. This isn’t a huge milestone for me in terms of materialism. I really don’t care about owning my own home. I made the choice because I

Hello Hoodie! , I love you.

A milestone has come to pass. I’ve been dating this lovely man for nearly two months now and things are settling nicely. I love those moments that are unexpected, not pre-planned by either party, but make a big impression. We have many moments like those and I really wish I could have a video of all of them. Today as I come home from work, I am about to experience another one. I didn’t know it at

Hello Scary Dreams! , I love you.

The room was dimly lit, however I was lighting candles. Something kept blowing them out, although there was no wind. He likes candles, so I endeavoured to keep relighting them. I was doing this slowly with an air of frustration. A noise distracted me. I walked over to the nearby door, and peered out. There was a small hallway with a wooden ladder leading to the roof. The hatch that opens the roof was open, and I