Hello New Habit! , I love you.

The light is here and now I am free! During the Winter I always forget how the lighter days felt. Now they are here, whoop what a difference! So with it I have begun a new habit. During the dark I felt the familiar slump. I was getting to work tired, slightly irritable, needing more coffee’s than I could face. It was taking me half the day just to wake up. As the light came I began

Hello INFJ Softly Closing the Door! , I love you.

There is a term called ‘The INFJ Door Slam’. It occurs when someone has pissed you off so much that you slam the door on them and your life, never to recover. Suddenly that person won’t exist to you. I’ve done it myself a few times. The triggers being when I’ve been screwed over and lied to by someone repeatedly, and by the third time of doing it, I just realise that nothing will ever change. The

Hello Alcohol! , I love you.

I’ve decided to add “I love you” onto the end of my titles. It signifies that I have gratitude for the thing I am writing about. And yes I am aware that the comma need not be there. But I want it there. I like to bend rules and move outside the box. This post isn’t about me being a raging alcoholic. I would fail as an alcoholic. I have strict rules about when I’ll allow myself