Hello Power! , I love you.

I went out at the weekend, dressed like this. I showed this picture to my friend today who commented that I must have been doing the ‘Walk of Power’. Today I drew an animal card. I got Jaguar saying “You are powerful, and strong enough to handle anything.” ShamanicJourney.com says that Jaguar is about moving with no fear in the darkness. They tend to be loners, great potential to be clairaudient and should trust their inner vision

Hello Simplicity! , I love you.

If you could tell the world anything today, what would you say? I still find freedom of expression a tricky one. Writing for me satisfies the river of words, feelings, emotions that build up inside me that just wants OUT. I have many dams in place under the names of fear, worry, overthinking (will people like what I write, will they care, will this make me sound x,y,z,). Rather than just writing for the sheer joy of it.