Hello Fairy Staff! , I love you

Last night I spent time looking how to decorate my new staff. Allow me to tell ye the tale of how it came upon my life. . . Some weeks ago I was walking with my Shamanic family. It was certainly a day of discovery and dreamweaving. We happened upon a tree where upon we tied ribbons as symbols of our future dreams. We found a beautiful water feature in a field, a telltale sign that more

Hello Wolf!

As I was walking home on Saturday night,  I suddenly became aware of a wolf beside me. A new shamanic guide to accompany me.  I briefly wondered what it would make of my current entourage of shamanic animals,  angels,  fairies,  mermaid,  spirit guides.  The wolf rejoined me this evening, sitting beside me in contemplation. It hasn’t had any input yet.  Other than to appear when life is a little quiet.  I’ll talk to him this week I