Hello Emotion! , I love you.

I am up at some ungodly hour here, committed to writing about everything that flows through me. Tonight I’d like to touch upon emotion. Yes, I am grieving. I also am committed to working with the heart. Both those things have brought up the odd conversation lately, that when I have mentioned ‘feeling’, people have looked at me like I’m an alien. Then I am either temporarily shunned until I cease to talk about feelings & emotions,

Hello Eckhart! , I love you

At least I think I’m about to talk about Eckhart Tolle. I may mean Wayne Dyer. Both these men were very influential to me around the same time. I recall reading both their books in parallel, I love them greatly and I am sure they would be just as happy for me to mention them together. This post is about, well, not minding about outcomes. Here’s what inspired me to share. So, there’s a situation going on

Hello Passinspiration! , I love you.

  Yep. I’ve invented a new word. This here word is the combination between passion and inspiration. In case you didn’t get it 😉  I’m going to talk / write a little about this feeling. As a description, passion of course, easy, desire, firey thrusting desire. I don’t mean thrusty in a sexual sense. I mean, that push within your core that makes you go forth and DO. When we have passion, logic seems much less important.

Hello Fairy Staff! , I love you

Last night I spent time looking how to decorate my new staff. Allow me to tell ye the tale of how it came upon my life. . . Some weeks ago I was walking with my Shamanic family. It was certainly a day of discovery and dreamweaving. We happened upon a tree where upon we tied ribbons as symbols of our future dreams. We found a beautiful water feature in a field, a telltale sign that more