Hello Belper Goes Green Weekend! , I love you.

What an insane weekend. Accomplished so much. So the weekend just gone saw the local Belper Goes Green festival. A group of girls banded together to create a space to connect, share gratitude and meet local businesses. I sold books and touted myself as the Book Fairy. It was a lot of fun 🙂 All proceeds will go towards a new venture which I am growing quietly behind the scenes. I began the weekend deciding that I

Hello Wrongness! , I love you.

I’m at a very searchy part of my path. I’ve done extensive volunteering and am now at the point where I am tired of it. I love what I’ve done but it feels more like a bind than a joy. I spent the Winter focussing inwards, particularly in my home space. Now I feel a big part of my focus needs to remain there for the rest of the year. I am committed to decluttering, reducing my

Hello Preferred Gender Groups! , I love you.

I’ve thought deeply about writing about this subject. My conclusion has been to finally say what I want to say. The background of this post; I look after an eco group called Inner Transition, as part of the Transition Network. Some months after I birthed this group, I was contacted by a lovely lady who wanted to get involved. Her desire was to create a group, specifically for women. Of course this was met positively and negatively

Hello Progress! , I love you.

For those of you that know me, you’ll know I’ve always got a few things going on. Today I came home from my day job. Had about half hour rest and then proceeded to work on Transition stuff until about 21.00. So today I’ve worked for about 11 hours in total. Tiring, yes. Feels good? Yes. I feel so proud of myself and what I’ve achieved today. This is why I’m an advocate for volunteer work and