I recently spoke to someone about how little time I have left each work for myself. She looked at me surprised and asked what is taking up all my time. So I gave her a quick run down of my monthly tasks and deadlines that I have to meet to keep the project going. She was shocked. As she pointed out, people just see the event itself. They have no idea of the machine running behind it.

I currently work full time. Tonight I had a little hissy fit as I walked in from work knowing that I had so much to do with my evening. The second evening in a row that I would walk in with a lot of tasks hanging over my head. I ate my dinner and got on with it. Soon I was drenched in my project and feeling alive. Connecting with those who realign me with my purpose. To heal. This is why we are doing this.

Yesterday we did an activity in work where we got asked random questions. One was “What is your biggest success?” I answered “Life”. A colleague said that the fact she went through all that she did and still lives to say “I got through it. I’m still fighting.” That is her success. I agree. I’ve healed so much of my life. Massive chunks of abandonment, abuse, financial difficulty. I am still standing and all I ever want to do is help others make the journey I did. Not the exact journey of course because they are all different. But offer them routes to their own journey. Light the many paths available to them. They may not realise they are there. The more people that heal themselves, the closer we are to having the world we all dream of. That’s worth fighting for 🙂

And now I sleep. I’ve missed you dear blog.

The Hard Work of A New Project, I love you.
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