The Road of Vulnerability

I am on a quest, to discover and merge the me’s. I have been brainwashing myself with Brene Brown on a recommendation, after a long time of asking why am I not seen. The answer is clear. I have been on a mission to keep myself small. I surround myself with those who want to also keep me small. Very few people want to see me rise. I almost make sure of that. This needs to change if I am to ever be as happy in work, as I can be outside of it.


My Twitter for example. I have three accounts. One for volunteering, one personal, and one for my day job. Why? I am the same person, my views don’t change. I do hold what I would presume a healthy concern as to what each group sees… And already the situation is complicated! I need to create goals. The steps to leading me to true vulnerability, into the light, SEEN. How is anyone ever going to learn my true worth if I don’t? Including myself.


Goal One.

Merging of the selves. I cannot live a full and happy life if I am separated inside. I am going to practice making a video where I explain the full spectrum of my life. The volunteering, my day job, my hobbies, my home life, my personal inner stuff.


Goal Two.

Figure out what to do about my Twitters! It makes sense to have a volunteering one, for linking to the website. However someone needs to look after it.


Goal Three.

Don’t fear so much.


Good luck Clair.

The Road of Vulnerability
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