I recall reading a Note from the Universe some time ago, saying that if we move, the Universe moves with us. I have definitely found this to be true. Today marks the biggest move I have made in a long time. I will be a part owner of my first home. This isn’t a huge milestone for me in terms of materialism. I really don’t care about owning my own home. I made the choice because I had saved enough money for some deposit and I really wanted to change my home in a way that made it more comfortable and beautiful. No more magnolia!

This is however a milestone in my personal growth. Particularly in terms of relationships. Towards the end of 2016 I had been single for just over a year. I had promised myself in September 2015 that I would commit to a minimum of one year of being single and learning to love being single again. October 2016 I had a whole new relationship with myself and was planning my first solo holiday. When I came back from this, I decided I was ready to introduce men back into my life. So I explored the world of online dating.

In short, I met dicks. Only dicks. I found myself in between two men. One wanted to just send me pictures of himself wearing women’s underwear. Another kept saying how much he wanted to meet me, yet some drama always came up. I was really shocked, is this all I could attract? After my year of reconnecting myself and growth? I cycled between feeling like nothing had changed, and also the power of a woman who walks away from men who simply aren’t worth stopping for. I needed to commit to one of those.

So I decided to say “Fuck you” to all of them and have a night out enjoying my sassy single self. I had been burnt. I didn’t want to meet any more men. I picked one of my favourite pubbing partners, bought a new red dress and arranged to have my make up done professionally. I was ready to enjoy the people in my life who were there in the background of my life, always dispensing steady love. I went out feeling good. Laughing with my two friends, I felt strong, confident, and inwardly said a goodbye to my attempts at online dating. I was done.

By the third bar we were somewhat wasted. One of the friends I was with introduced me to a friend of hers. We chatted and the Universe moved. It matched my newfound state of mind. Which brings me to today. Today I collect those keys with the friend of my friend, who has been my boyfriend since our first date after that night we met. With this I say thank you to the shitty men of the internet dating world. Had you not been so shit, I wouldn’t have gone out that night. I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend, and I wouldn’t have been so sick of men to make sure he was the right person for me to give myself to.

I bid you all, thank you 🙂

Today I Move
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