Please do not read this if you are easily upset. This is a post about my witnessing a dog accident, with details.





This morning I got ready for work a little earlier. My goal recently is to get up earlier and give myself more time to come around so I’m not so sensitive in the mornings. I left for work about 5 mins earlier than normal. As I approached the halfway point to work I saw a dog on the pavement further up from me near a man who I assumed was the owner. He was excitedly bouncing around the pavement. Nothing out of the ordinary.

All of a sudden the dog leapt into the road in front of a car. It was instantly hit and seemed to be injured in one leg. The dog fled to the other side of the road, directly in front of the traffic coming the other way. In my head I was thinking that this is one of those times that you see an animal “almost get hit by a car”. It never actually happens, it just almost does. This time it was different. The second car ploughed much more violently into the dog and stopped. The street seemed to freeze for a moment while everyone took in what just happened. I ran out into the road, stopping the cars from flattening the dog and put myself safely on the pavement next to it. He was whimpering and wagging his tail. I felt brief hope that he had a chance. Then I noticed that his tongue was hanging out of his mouth in the exact way I’ve seen animals do before they die, and then saw his brains beginning to ooze onto the road. There was nothing I could do.

He wagged a few wags, before taking his last breath. I crumpled onto the pavement struggling to breathe. I’m not sure if I was crying, making noise, or what. I just remember not being able to breathe. The shock had paralysed me. A lady came running over apologising and hugging me. I asked her if this was her dog. She replied that she thought it was mine and that she was the second driver that hit the dog. She instructed me to call the vets. My hands were shaking and I was unable to think straight. I forgot that Google even existed. Luckily my phone screen directed me well but I was unable to get an answer.

The lady ran to get a blanket and together we picked up the dog and put him in her car. She was going to drive him to another vet. I got into her car and we went together. We gave the necessary information at the vets. They offered her some tea which I encouraged her to drink. And I left for work. Barely able to talk.

I found out later that the dog was being cared for by a family member, but escaped the house. RIP little scamp.

I feel awful. The trauma took a lot out of me. I absolutely love animals and initially reacted to this the exact same way I have reacted to the death of any of my own animals. I am at least thankful that I can come home to a place which isn’t full of memories of this excited dog. I am also thankful that this happened in Belper. That I was safe enough to get into a strangers car.

I cannot give a learning curve to this post. One of my biggest challenges was arriving at work. I was clearly in deep shock and in need of a few minutes to talk, a hot drink and perhaps some Rescue Remedy or something. I had none of that. Just the expectation that I should move on and get on with my work straight away. I am not that kind of person. I feel awful that I am so sensitive and so easily able to feel pain and upset. I hate that some coworkers look at me as this mess that is often undergoing some trauma or upset, there is usually something I need to grieve for or come to terms with. I hate it.

For now though, I send blessings to the little dog. I send blessings to his owner. And I implore people, please keep your dogs safe. They are so full of life and they don’t understand how cars work.

Trauma : Dogs & Cars – a graphic post
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