Wheeee!!! We Did It!!

So I’m talking about My Happy Space – we are officially business owners!! We now call it; My Happy Space C.I.C. how exciting! So upon hearing this news you would think it’s time to celebrate… I did not do that!

The first thing I was acutely aware of was now it’s not just me. I have fellow directors, team mates, volunteers. All these people are now investing into this project. My first task I set about doing was making sure that everything and anything I had on MHS was on a new shared drive that the directors could access without me needing to select to share it. It is important to me that information is available and everyone has access to the same things I do. If anything happens to me, no one needs to scour my computer looking for how to keep this project afloat. It’s all there. More importantly, it empowers everyone involved to do the job they can with the same information I have. We are equals. All I did was create a new Google account and go from there, and then share the login.

Next I cleared my inboxes and personal computer of anything related. I reclaimed my personal digital space. This project just got serious, and I don’t want to feel like it could easily take over. Which it can because I love working on it. All folders once emptied were deleted. My inbox is now about what goes on in my spare time that I’m not working on anything. It cut down the clutter massively.

Lastly I kept quiet. I wanted to shout this from the rooftops but I am also aware that we all just became a bit more valuable. We have created a business and are so far making it a good success. In these early stages we don’t want people asking us lots of questions about how we got to this point and whether we can help others get there. We want to make sure our next steps are prepared well with the small amount of time we have. We want to make sure our team is strong and well bonded to help the people who will approach us. We want to be wise about this.

This journey is about to get even more exciting!

How was your experience turning from hobby to business? Do you have any good tips?

Wheeee!!! We Did It!!
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