The wind was blowing violently around me. So strong that I began to lose my grip on the earth. The rain, relentless and indiscriminate. Uncaring of what I was trying to accomplish.

As the weather whipped my body and backpack, I felt a rising of serene happiness. I had found my spiritual home, nature was kicking my ass and there was no where else I wanted to be.

Hi, I’m Clair…

My whole life has been a journey of spiritual adventuring all over the world and within my own self. After surviving meningitis aged 15, I wanted to celebrate my life on its anniversary by facing one of my many fears. In 2017 I travelled to Iceland for the first time, on a solo trip. An experience which changed the whole course of my life after.

Something was different on the day I visited Kerid. I circled the crater seeing visual reminders of my past in the landscape. Like an open air museum. As if my life up to now was embodied in the rocks and soil.


Me on the day I visited Kerid. The wind and rain made this a challenging photograph to take.

Among my first photographs of Iceland

I returned home feeling as if I was made of glass, afraid to be around anyone in case they accidentally broke me. I was a very newborn phoenix gathering strength to rise.

What followed was many months of my life being completely overhauled. I began life in 2020 almost unrecognisable to 2017 me.

I shared my experiences I found so many who were afraid too, but dreamed of facing the fears that I had soared uncomfortably through. I decided to use my passion for writing, technology and being in the heart, to create this website. A space to help you have your own phoenix moment so you can possibly create a life you want to live, with the infinite love and guidance of the Universe. I chose the name because the path is one of Pure Light, leading us the way Home.

As I began creating, people appeared at the right times, with the knowledge I needed to take the next step. As I share my dream to help you, my reader, others over the world want to help you too.

The time is now, and your fears can be worked through.

This is what you came here for.

Here’s to many nerve-wracking, fearful, mask destroying, incredible experiences.

Let’s break open together.

From my heart to yours
Clair Xx

A piece of ice, in Iceland.

Me and Trevor loving the Icelandic weather

Some things you might like to know about me:

  • INFJ
  • Aries
  • HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
  • 4w5
  • Welsh native (non-speaking)
  • Hypermobile
  • Mooncup lover

I currently live in the East Midlands, UK, with my partner and ShadowCat. My present day job is in digital communications in the NHS.

Shadow chilling with our garden avatars

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